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Axminster Woodturning Long Hole Boring Bit & Handle

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This excellent long hole boring kit drills accurate holes in the end grain of wood mounted between centres on a woodturning lathe. The Axminster Woodturning long hole boring kit includes an HSS-M2 steel bit with a parabolic flute design, which clears the chips quickly to help prevent overheating. The handle uses an ER20 collet to grip the shaft of the long hole boring bit. The handle is hollow, allowing the shaft of the bit to pass through. This useful feature enables you to set a predetermined boring depth, the handle making contact with the tailstock acts as a stop. This prevents the bit coming into contact with your counterbore drive.

By fitting an alternative ER20 collet, allows you to use the handle for tools with different shaft diameters.

The bit is 880mm long overall with 6.5mm shank and a bit diameter of 8mm at the tip tapering to 7.9mm for clearance.

Key Features

  • Smooth and fast long hole boring on the lathe
  • 880mm long bit with parabolic flute for fast chip clearance
  • Handle with ER20 collet allows accurate and adjustable boring depth