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Axminster Woodturning SK114 Hollow Form Jaws

SKU AXM-107844
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When turning a hollow form you need a secure solution for gripping large lumps of timber. These stainless steel jaws are designed specifically to do that job by providing tremendous grip and an aggressive hold on the workpiece. They fit the Axminster Evolution SK114 Chuck and are a vast improvement compared to traditional jaws used when turning long workpieces for hollow forms.

The internal faces of the jaws feature deep ribs that bite onto a 100mm diameter tenon (potential gripping range: Internal 88mm to 118mm). The ribbed internal faces are 44mm deep to hold a large workpiece in a solid vice like grip, allowing tuning to proceed with confidence. The top edge of the jaws has an 8mm x 15° dovetail for bowl and platter work, extending usefulness of these jaws (External potential grip range 108mm to 135mm). As with all our dovetail jaws they simply bolt onto the Accessory Mounting Jaws.

Key Features

  • Potential gripping range: Internal recess 88mm to 118mm
  • Potential gripping range: External dovetail 108mm to 135mm
  • Deep and ribbed internal faces ensure solid vice like grip
  • Secure solution providing tremendous grip for hollow form turning
  • Stainless steel jaws to fit the Axminster Evolution SK114 chuck
  • Made in UK