CBN Hand Hone

$ 59.95 $ 69.95

These CBN Hand Hones are for sharpening plane blades and are made for woodworkers. 

• 1/4" thick steel plate
• 2.75" x 8" 
• covered with CBN  material - 180 grit one side / 220 grit one side, 350 grit one side / 600 grit one side, or 1000 one side / 1200 one side

Most woodworkers complain that the stones and diamond plates used to sharpen their planes simply are not long enough to get a good stroke when sharpening the blade. Well—problem solved. These hones are oversized (and they cost less than my competitor's), they are a full 8" long by 2.75" wide, made of hefty 1/4" thick steel. Compare these to most other face plates that are 6" long and 2" wide. 

I’ve expanded our popular CBN hand hone line to include a 180/220 grit and a 1000/1200 grit, or for additional savings they can be purchased as a set. These are made extra long to enable a longer stroke while sharpening and are a full 8” long and 2.75” wide.  The CBN material is electroplated on a 1/4” plate and have all the heft you need.  


Purchase 1 for $59.95 

Purchase 2 for $55.00 each

Purchase 3 for $50.00 each

Shipping is only $6.80 for up to 6 plates