Lambswool Buffing Pad - 3" hoop and loop mounting

$ 4.50

100% Lambswool with velcro back that attaches to our Roloc Backer Pads, Tapered Tuffy Holders or any 3-inch hook and loop backer.  Microscopic barbs in the hairs of the wool are removed in the construction process resulting in a soft, effective compounding material that will add shine and luster to your turnings. Buffing Pads can be mounted to any of our 3-inch Backer Pads but we feel the softer ones contour better for a more even shine. Natural color on a white Velcro back.


The comparative photos show the Lambswool compared to the Knitted Wool Buffing Pads. Lambswool is the shaggier looking of the two and has a white back.