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New Customer Service Hours: 10am-5pm Central Time. Reach us at 678-400-8181.
New Customer Service Hours: 10am-5pm Central Time. Reach us at 678-400-8181.

SR 500/570 Air-Purifying Respirator

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Due to the nature of respirator products, we cannot take returns of open respirators.

The SR 500 system is a belt mounted Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) which is  paired with either tight fitting face pieces, loose fitting respirators or loose fitting hoods that protects against particulates, gases and vapors, or a combination. It is designed to be used in oxygen sufficient and non-immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) environments. The SR 500 PAPR system functions as an alternative to Air Purifying Respirators (APR) in all situations for which these are recommended. This applies particularly to work that is hard, warm or of long-duration. The filtered air is supplied through a breathing hose to the tight fitting face piece, loose fitting respirators or loose fitting hoods. The above-atmospheric pressure then generated prevents pollutants from the surroundings from penetrating into the breathing zone.

The SR 570 face shield is a modern, innovative product, designed and developed based on the needs and requirements from the market. The SR 570 is a robust shield with a flip-up visor, and gives the user comfortable and safe respiratory and eye protection. The face shield is fitted with an attachment for hearing protectors. A wide range of accessories enable the user to customize the shield for their work situation. The shield is manufactured in a material that permits use in tough environments. The SR 570 shield can be used with our SR 500 PAPR.

The characteristics of the SR 500 are as follows:

  • The battery is of lithium-ion type 3.6 Ah
  • Charging time around 2 hours
  • Equipped with two filters/combined filters
  • Operating time of up to 13 hours
  • The same control is used for starting, stopping and selection of operating status
  • Display with symbols
  • Equipped with automatic air flow control with compensation for air pressure and temperature
  • Can be used together with a hood, face shield, full face mask


  • 1 SR 500 fan unit
  • 1 SR 570 Face Shield with Bump Cap
  • 1 breathing hose
  • 1 battery
  • 1 battery charger
  • 1 belt
  • 1 flow meter
  • 2 filter covers
  • 2 filter adapters
  • 2 HE particulate filters 

The filtered air, with its consistent positive air flow, provides a comfortable and reliable respirator that can be used in normal conditions as well as conditions that are strenuous, warm, or of long duration. The above-atmospheric pressure generated by the respirator prevents surrounding pollutants from penetrating into the breathing zone.

Our SR570 face shields are rated Z87+. You should see a sticker on the helmets themselves. As far as HEPA, our filters are 100% NIOSH rated which is the same as ANSI rating. Our filters actually filter 99.997% of all HEPA, which is 10 times more than Niosh requires (99.970%)


  • Lightweight and balanced - superior ergonomic design
  • Use with belt or harness for a comfortable and stable fit
  • Dual flow rates, regular and boosted. 6 CFM (175 l/m) and 8 CFM (240 l/m)
  • Easily removable parts allow simple cleaning, maintenance and replacement, IP67 certified
  • Fully automated flow rates controlled and dependable flow rates at all times
  • Triple warning system - audible, visual and sensory (vibration) for optimal safety
  • Use with particulate filters or with a combination of particulate filters and chemical cartridges
  • Bump cap provides wearer with additional head protection from minor bumps and scrapes.

Battery and charger design

  • On board lithium-ion battery- designed for easy replacement
  • Charging time 80% - 45 min, 100% - 2 hrs

Battery life = up to 13 hours

Battery charger, 3-stage:

  • Boosted charging charges the battery to about 80% of its capacity
  • Balanced charging charges the battery to 100% of its capacity
  • Trickle charging, fully charged battery

This unit has a one year warranty.