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Stick Fast CA Activator

SKU SF-100
Original price $ 4.50 - Original price $ 18.99
Original price
$ 4.50
$ 4.50 - $ 18.99
Current price $ 4.50
Size: 2 oz Pump
About the Stick Fast CA Activator
  • Faster curing of ALL CA products
  • Economical application
  • Available in pump and aerosol application

Popular Uses

  • Pump application accelerates bond
  • Accelerate cute when CA applied to highly acidic surfaces
  • Pump sprayer used solvent carrier that does not affect plastic
  • Aerosol- accelerates bond, apply directly on CA to accelerate cure
  • Accelerate cure when CA applied to highly acidic surfaces
  • Aerosol Activator provides a fine mist and uses a solvent that affects plastics but will evaporate quicker which will affect the appearance of the CA less


NOTE* Using too much activator may cause CA to 'boil' and reduce bond strength. Unwanted whitening or bubbles may appear.


  • Do not store Pump Bottle next to CA Bottle. The fumes from the activator may create an unwanted cure within the CA bottle.
  • This product is flammable and must be kept away from excessive heat, spark, or flame.
  • Do not mix other brands of Activator with Stick Fast products; they may not be compatible.